Dear Origin

Dear Origin,

This is a very difficult letter for me to write. We have been together for more than a decade and while it’s not been an easy relationship I’ve stood by you because I’m loyal.

And by loyal I mean lazy.

I like to set and forget life’s administrative tasks. I like to trust in service providers to provide a decent service for a decent fee. I like to leave the experts to do their jobs while I can get on and do mine. While I recognise that this does make me somewhat naïve I prefer to lead a relatively stress and drama free life. I’m funny like that.

So while our anniversaries have come and gone and we’ve had the odd tussle over things you’ve messed up I’ve stayed with you. We all make mistakes. Most of us learn from them and make better decisions because of them.

It's easy to move

It’s easy to move

But I’ve finally come to the realisation that you simply don’t care about me. You’ve only ever been interested in one thing and I’ve always acquiesced and given you what you want.  Cold, hard cash. Over the last 18 months alone I have given you $5,383.16. I dread to think what figure I would arrive at if I added up our ten years together. Jesus, and I wonder why I don’t own my own home yet?

We’re a modest 2 adult, one baby family. Living in a modest 2.5 bedroom home. We run all the usual home appliances and white goods. And while I’d admit that the 24-hour hothouse growing dope in the backyard might be a grid drainer, I’ve tried to combat that with solar panels. But I digress.

The point it is I actually liked you once. You always made it easy for me to move house and your customer service people are pretty nice. You train them well and they’re quick to respond. Especially when I tweet about you. Wow. You’re so quick and efficient on social media it makes my head spin.

But I don’t want a call from one of your lovely team offering to help. And I’m sincere when I say your team are lovely. They are. None of your mistakes and short-comings are theirs and yet they have to apologise for you and solve the turmoil you have created.

My latest electricity bill is $835.23. This is quite simply absurd. I looked at that figure and immediately thought of every other poor bastard who’s getting a similar sized bill but who will have no means to pay it.  Like the loyal, lazy customer I am you’ll get my money. We won’t eat for a week and the baby won’t get new clothes but you’ll get your money. But it’s the last time.

I don’t ask for much. Just an honest fee for an honest utility service.

And Origin, I don’t believe you’re honest. At all.

Your move.

Warm regards,