Alan Jones

Irrespective of your politics, Julia Gillard holds the highest office in this country. With grace and dignity. Shame on you Alan Jones. Your constant vitriol and blatant misogynistic hyperbole is loathsome.

I am deeply troubled that someone like Jones has a forum from which to spruik his opinion. His level of influence over his listeners and readers is a responsibility. Having a professional gig with your own soapbaox is a benefit of a long-standing journalistic career – it is not an entitlement (no offence to actual journalists who, you know, report actual news and enlighten our lives with information).

Unfortunately we are all to blame for his success. We’ve allowed him to keep his soapbox. By expressing our outrage and opinions of his behaviour and view of the world he will continue to have a profile.

Alas we perpetuate his presence.

The best protest is to turn him off. Give him no media oxygen and for 2GB to sack him. No audience. No voice. No point.

His attempt at an apology was woeful. I have no interest in anything he has to say. Never have. I’d encourage others to ignore him. A protest of ‘disinterest’ would do more to harm a public figure than our outrage on social media.

And that’s all I’ll say – my disinterest from this point forward is my protest.